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For nearly 100 years, contractors, applicators and facility owners have made Rust-Oleum High Performance Coatings the most trusted products when protecting their valuable assets.  Rust-Oleum high performance products are noted for their superior performance and long lasting protection against abrasion, impact and UV exposure.

Rust-Oleum also offers the most complete line of environmentally friendly high performance coatings.  These “Low VOC” and “No VOC” coatings include alkyds, acrylics and epoxy coatings.  Kelly Moore is proud of its long standing partnership with Rust-Oleum and we offer many of their high performance coatings at our numerous neighborhood locations.

Where To Buy Rust-Oleum

product - rust-oleum-sc9100High Performance Epoxy
Ideal coatings for steel columns and girders, as well as concrete floors.  Rust-Oleum’s versatile epoxy formulations allow applicators to work in the most challenging environments while saving money in labor and surface preparation costs.
 product - rust-oleum-9700High Performance Urethane
Excellent choice for long term color and gloss retention.  Rust-Oleum’s urethane coatings protect against corrosion, impact, abrasion and chemical attack.  Their exceptional durability lowers maintenance and operational costs for facility owners.
 product - rust-oleum-6500Concrete Saver
A full line of concrete prep, patch and repair products that deliver superior protection and are easily applied by crews with limited coatings experience.  Concrete Saver products cure fast to reduce labor costs and minimize downtime.  Wide variety of anti-slip floor coatings.
 product - rust-oleum-turbokreteConcrete Protection Systems
Systems, coatings and patching materials for concrete that can hold up in the harshest environments.  Regularly applied in warehouses, manufacturing plants and food & beverage facilities.
 products - rust-oleum-metal-max.jpgSierra Performance
Full line of protective coatings that have No VOC’s, No Solvents, No HAPS and No Odor.  Excellent choice for confined or occupied spaces where odor can be an issue.  Quick dry times reduces labor costs and minimizes downtimes.  Meets LEED product requirements for indoor air quality.
 product - rust-oleum-noxydeNoxyde / Mathys
Long history of proven performance over Bridges, Tanks and Stadiums.  Ten year corrosion warranty available on some projects.  On top of superior corrosion protection, the Noxyde/Mathys line of coatings have very little VOC’s.  This makes them excellent choices for “Green” or LEED qualifying projects.