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AMERCOAT® products provide heavy duty protection against chemical contact, corrosion, abrasion, and impact damage in the harshest of environments.

Amercoat’s innovative and patented technologies also provide outstanding protection and durability while minimizing steps and layers, saving both time and money during the application process.   A powerful partnership when combined with Kelly-Moore Paints conveniently located Industrial Centers and Commercial Centers, as well as industry leading service.

Where To Buy Amercoat

logo - amerlock-seriesAmerlock 2 / 400
Commonly used to protect steel tanks and pipelines in marine environments and on offshore platforms.  The Amerlock epoxy coatings have good chemical resistance.  They can also be applied to steel and concrete that will be immersed in fresh and salt water.
logo - amershieldAmershield
Excellent choice when looking for a coating that will retain its color and gloss over an extended period of time.  Amershield can be applied directly to metal, which will reduce overall application costs.  Provides a durable, glossy finish for concrete floors that is easily maintained.
 logo - psxPSX 700
The breakthrough technology in the PSX 700 combines the performance of an epoxy coating with the performance of an acrylic polyurethane.  This polysiloxane coating offers extended weather resistance and corrosion control in some of the most challenging environments.