Authorized Dealers

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If you are away from the Kelly-Moore factory store locations, but need KM paints for your home or project, the Kelly-Moore Dealer network can work for you! As a homeowner or professional painter, any of Kelly-Moore’s authorized dealers are happy to help. We’ll build a relationship with you and deliver superior Kelly-Moore paints and coating products — and most all sundries in the quantities that you need to do the job right.

Your Kelly-Moore Dealer

Kelly-Moore dealers are long-term, experienced professionals in the paint and coatings business. Our dealers understand the needs of the typical home painting project, and the realities of professional industry demands for colors and proper timetables. Feel free to ask your knowledgeable dealer details about any of Kelly-Moore’s products, particularly if you are taking on a new type of job or are curious about whether or not a certain coating is useful for a certain application. Your Kelly-Moore dealer has an in-depth knowledge of the tolerances and abilities of these paints and will be sure that you have the right paint for the job.

Why Kelly-Moore?

Kelly-Moore puts products on the shelves that are appropriate for your local market demands, and with proper notice, we can ship in any special paints sold at the KM factory stores. Kelly-Moore offers a wide variety of paints and coatings, including everything from architectural interior flat paint and enamels to chemical-resistant coatings for industrial surfaces. The combination of quality service and purpose-made products give you a strong advantage when choosing Kelly-Moore and its dealers over other alternatives. Your local experts at a Kelly-Moore dealer will help you get the right product for the job with the great service you expect.

To find a Kelly-Moore Dealer in your area, visit our Store Locator.

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