Living Room

Living room

With a myriad of hues to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect hue for your living room from Kelly-Moore Paints. With a Kelly-Moore paint, you get a fine color that stays true to your vision with great durability that is sure to last for years and years on your wall.

Neutrals in the Interior Classic Collection

Kelly-Moore’s Interior Classic Collection includes several stock colors that look fantastic in living rooms. Choose creamy whites, such as Swiss Coffee, Antique White or Acoustic White for a clean, white color that never looks too stark. For a more rich, neutral tone, consider a snip of Tannin, Wise Owl or Navajo White for your living room walls. These great neutral colors make your furniture look fantastic and do not interfere with the color schemes of your upholstery or curtains; in addition, they do not make your walls look like plain, unpainted drywall.

Bold blues

If your furniture is already mostly in neutral shades of ivory and brown, consider a blue color to add vibrancy. Blue colors are on the cooler side of the spectrum, which makes them perfect for a living room; a darker blue in a sunny living room can help the room feel even larger. For a room with a lot of white or light-colored furniture or to offset something like a white mantlepiece, consider using a rich blue, such as Tahoe or Lake Como. Lighter blues, such as Sky Watch or Swim Team, are ideal for creating an airy, beachy look. For a deep, dark midnight blue, which looks great on the wall behind your television or artwork to help the wall appear to recede, consider Blue Moon Bay or Baffin Island Night.

Going for green

A green tone offsets neutral hues and helps to create a visual connection between your living room interior and the lawn and garden outside; also, it can pick up the colors of your living room’s botanical artwork or potted plants. Consider a warm green like Green Apple Peels or Sour Apple; for a more neutral green, consider Lamb’s Ear or Hillsmere.

Golds and yellows

Kelly-Moore’s golden yellow hues warm up a living room without making the space too bright. These warmer colors help your colorful upholstery and cushions pop, while they add life to a room full of black and white furniture. To add yellow to your walls, consider a deep golden yellow like Serengeti Song or Somerton; in addition, Kelly-Moore offers neutral shades with a yellow undertone, including Sea Oats, Slip into Sunset or Honey Mustard.

Your living room is where you and your family spend time together and where you welcome guests into your home. Decide how you want your wall colors to create the mood in your family room; a great color from Kelly-Moore’s line of interior paints can help you fulfill all of your design ideas.