White brick wall with green table

If you have an outdated brick fireplace or a wall of exposed brick inside you home, painting is a great way to update it.


Start by cleaning the brick. A liquid TSP solution and a wire brush will help to scrub away any soot or loose grit that would hinder paint performance. Once clean, do a final rinse with only water to remove any residue.


After allowing the brick a day or two to dry, apply a coat of masonry specific primer. To apply the primer, use a brush to cut-in the edges, and a roller with a thick nap of ¾” or more to roll the larger areas. Because brick is extremely porous, extra pressure will need to be applied to the brush and roller to thoroughly work the primer into the pores of the brick. While the primer is still drying, check frequently along the grout lines for runs.


When the primer has fully dried, apply two coats of an interior latex paint using the same method as with the primer.

This process will leave your interior brick looking modern and beautiful and will last for years to come.