Dining Room

Dining table with red flowers and brown painted walls

Trendy color schemes for dining rooms

Trendy dining rooms incorporate colors seen under the sea and at the beach. Shades of sky blue, teal, coral, goldfish orange and all tones in between are currently at the cutting edge of dining room design trends. When selecting complementary color schemes, it is a good idea to use a color wheel to make sure the colors match. When using a color wheel, remember to choose colors that are located either opposite from one another, or directly next to each other. Colors directly opposite one another on a color wheel add depth and contrast without sacrificing color harmony.

Traditional color schemes

Traditional dining room color schemes include a wide variety of neutral colors. Browns, beiges and egg shell tones are often used for dining room paint jobs, as they complement a diverse and wide range of colors. In contrast to breakfast nooks and other smaller kitchen areas, dining areas are traditionally large, wider areas with high, vaulted ceilings. It is for this reason that many choose to add deep rich tones to at least one wall of an otherwise neutral or white dining area. This accent creates a warm and intimate ambiance that makes chatting with friends over an evening meal a pleasure.

Living for the season

Kelly-Moore paints are so affordable that you can redecorate to match the season. For instance, if you want to redecorate after the Christmas season, simply remove some of the greenery and add centerpieces and accessories of a different color to your table accessories that include black or pink disassociate your decor from the previous holiday season and perhaps adds a Valentine’s Day theme to boot.

Let the people at Kelly-Moore Paints help you design the perfect dining area for your home and family. Whether you want a trendy, avant-garde dining room or something a bit more traditional, Kelly-Moore has the paint to make it happen.