Red metal pipes

You can never have too many tips when it comes to painting exterior surfaces. There are clear directions you can follow so that your metal paint job is a successful experience.

Start with the right preparations

Whether for wrought iron, aluminum or other metals, there are particular techniques for painting different surfaces. The process of painting metals such as railings, columns, roof vents and decorative pieces like outdoor lamps is similar to painting wood, which means the most important first step is preparation. Most metals are galvanized and need pre-treatment in order for paint to stick to surfaces.

How do you prime metal surfaces?

Whether you are painting ferrous metal or galvanized metal, the key to a successful job is preparing the surface for the prime coat. Ferrous metal needs a clean rust-free surface. Use a wire brush or a scuff pad to remove rust and wipe the surface with a damp cloth to remove all dust. Areas of sound rust or hard to reach areas can be treated with a solution such as Rust-Oleum™ 3575 Rust Reformer as long as all loose rust has been removed. Prime the metal immediately after preparation to avoid flash rust from forming on the surface.

New galvanized metal needs to be washed with a detergent solution to remove the oily residue inherent to new galvanized metal. If the galvanized is old and has white oxidation on it, this will need to be sanded, wire brushed or otherwise removed.