Kel-Bond Universal

Kel-Bond Universal is a premium quality, fast drying primer designed to seal new surfaces while providing excellent adhesion and stain blocking. This high performance formula also resists alkali burn, flash rusting, tannin bleed, and mildew. It can be used on wood, masonry, drywall, aluminum, galvanized, and much more.

FeaturesPerfect For
•General Purpose for Various Substrates
•Concrete, Brick, & Stucco
•Fast Drying•Fiber Cement Board
•Excellent Adhesion•Wood, MDF, & Composite
•Seals in Stains•Drywall & Plaster
•Alkali Resistant (< 13 pH)•Galvanized & Aluminum
•Flash Rust Resistant
•Resists Tannin Bleed
•Mildew Resistant



295 Kel-Bond Universal
Kelly-Moore Paints 295 Kel-Bond Universal Paint Can