Envy Interior / Exterior Enamels

Envy Enamel is a super-premium interior and exterior enamel designed for high performance architectural and light industrial projects. The acrylic urethane formula provides excellent hide, adhesion, and durability while drying quickly for fast project turnaround.

Excellent for use on cabinets, handrails, doors, and much more in residential and commercial applications. Envy Enamel can be used on wood, hardboard, metal, drywall, and masonry. Envy Enamel’s Lifetime Warranty ensures long-lasting protection and beauty.

Available in satin and semi-gloss finishes with a full range of color options.

FeaturesPerfect For
•High Performance Durability•Wood
•Hand Oil Resistant•Hardboard
•Excellent Adhesion•Metal
•Resists Sticking & Blocking•Drywall
•Fast Drying•Masonry
•Low VOC & Odor
•Lifetime Warranty


Satin 1827
Semi-Gloss 1828
Gloss 1829

Available Finishes

1827 Envy
Envy Interior / Exterior 1827
1828 Envy
Envy Interior / Exterior Paint 1828
1829 Envy
High Gloss
Image Not Available