DuraPoxy Exterior

Durapoxy Exterior is a groundbreaking waterborne coating designed with a high-hide formula that provides excellent UV protection and rapid moisture resistance.  Perfect for projects that need exceptional hide and coverage or when weather can be harsh and unpredictable.

Excellent for use on high-end residential homes and commercial buildings where a luxurious finish and long-lasting durability are required. Durapoxy Exterior can be used on stucco, masonry, metal, wood, and hardboard.

DuraPoxy Exterior’s Lifetime Warranty ensures long-lasting protection and beauty.

Available in matte and eggshell finishes with a full range of color options.

FeaturesPerfect For
•Ultimate Protection •Wood Siding
•Excellent UV Protection•Cement Board
•Superior Hide & Coverage•Stucco
•Resists Rain & Moisture (1 Hour)•Brick
•Dirt & Mildew Resistant
•Easy to Clean
•Lifetime Warranty


Matte 1942
Eggshell 1946

Available Finishes

1942 DuraPoxy Exterior
Kelly-Moore Paints DuraPoxy Exterior Matte Finish Paint Can
1946 DuraPoxy Exterior
Kelly-Moore Paints DuraPoxy Exterior Eggshell Enamel Paint Can