AcryShield Premium Exterior Paints

AcryShield is a family of premium quality exterior paints, enamels and primers designed for excellent weathering and a lasting impression.  Created with a 100% acrylic formula to provide outstanding color and gloss retention.  AcryShield is backed by the confidence of Kelly-Moore’s Lifetime Warranty.

Great for use on walls, trim, accents and doors in residential and commercial applications.  AcryShield can be used on stucco, masonry, metal, wood and hardboard.  Ideal for homes, businesses, schools and much more.

Available in flat, low sheen, satin and semi-gloss finishes with a full range of color options.

AcryShield 1240 Flat AcryShield 1245 Lowsheen AcryShield 1247 Satin AcryShield 1250 Semigloss 


1240 AcryShield
Premium Flat Paint Learn More
Photo of 1240 AcryShield
1245 AcryShield
Premium Low Sheen Paint Learn More
Photo of 1245 AcryShield
1250 AcryShield
Premium Semi-Gloss Enamel Learn More
Photo of 1250 AcryShield
1247 AcryShield
Premium Satin Enamel Learn More
Photo of 1247 AcryShield


247 AcryShield
Premium Masonry Primer Learn More
Photo of 247 AcryShield
255 AcryShield
Premium Wood Primer Learn More
Photo of 255 AcryShield