Kelly-Moore Unveils Super Premium Matte Finish: Delivering Beauty with Durability

SAN CARLOS, CA. February 2, 2015– Bay-area paint manufacturer and retailer, Kelly-Moore Paints, announces its newest paint finish for its super premium interior paint line, DuraPoxy: A flat matte finish will be available in DuraPoxy in April.

“Our super premium interior paint line – DuraPoxy- was formulated to produce an extremely hard, durable epoxy-like finish to resist stains and hold up to repeated washing,” shared Dan Claybaugh, vice president of marketing for Kelly-Moore Paints. “Each DuraPoxy sheen level was crafted with superior stain release -- allowing everyday stains such as coffee, finger prints and marking pens to wash off easily.

“Up til now, Dura Poxy was available in 4 sheens - satin, eggshell, semi-gloss and gloss. Now, after extensive formulation to create a high performing flat finish, our DuraPoxy Matte is making its debut.”

According to Claybaugh, a matte finish, considered to be the most sophisticated paint sheen, historically across the industry had performance challenges after application. It simply was not the easiest finish to wash and its durability could be questionable. Kelly-Moore made a tremendous effort to develop their matte offering to be extremely washable and durable. Just as the entire DuraPoxy family, the new Matte is a 100% acrylic formulation, low VOC with easy water cleanup and contains an anti-microbial agent to ensure very low odor.

“Very often matte is specified by the interior design and architectural community for the sophisticated look and feel it provides to interior walls – it has an extremely low light reflectancy,” added Claybaugh. “With DuraPoxy Interior Matte, the high design appeal takes center stage while offering superior color fastness, great washability and stain release.”

The DuraPoxy Matte Interior Paint also is highly stain and mildew resistant and was crafted to provide outstanding adhesion. For the professional contractor, Kelly-Moore ensured that this new sheen offering provides superior application properties and extraordinary hide and coverage, no matter how dark the hue.

Available at Kelly-Moore retailers beginning April 1st, DuraPoxy Matte is offered in four bases, in gallons, quarts and fives, and is designed for both residential land and commercial applications.

About Kelly-Moore Paint Company, Inc.

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