Kelly-Moore Paints Announces Most Influential Color For 2015

What walls will wear selected by ASID designers across the U.S.
Dramatic Saturated Hue Dominates

2015 Color of the Year - Coastal Surf, Swagger, City Tower

San Carlos, CA, October 1, 2014 – Kelly-Moore Paints, arguably the best paint and color resource across the western United States, announced the results of its first Color of the Year (COTY) 2015 designer survey.  Deployed among over 15,000 interior designers, all members of the national American Society of Interior Designers (A.S.I.D.), both the survey and results were managed by global color strategist Leslie Harrington, PhD.  The outcome showcased three deep shades as a closely tied trio, with a saturated blue, Coastal Surf KM4967, akin to Yves Klein Blue, inching out Swagger KM5049, a rich teal, and City Tower KM5823, a gray bordering on a Weimaraner’s coat, for top spot.   The results inadvertently delivered a color combination favored from coast to coast.  

“This is the first time, to my knowledge, that our industry went directly to the professional interior designers and asked them straight out what color they believed would be the most influential for interiors in the coming year,” shared Dan Claybaugh, vice president of marketing for Kelly-Moore Paint.  “Each year manufacturers and organizations across the country share what they believe to be their ‘Color of the Year.’  Kelly-Moore decided it was time for to go directly to the pros who are tightly connected to the interiors market, and make color decisions and purchases on behalf of their clients every day.”

According to Mr. Claybaugh, the protocol was laid out late spring when Kelly-Moore Paints recruited designer and color strategist and forecast expert Leslie Harrington, PhD., to create a COTY survey that would be shared among professional interior designers – all A.S.I.D. certified.  The survey was issued early August and closed out Labor Day.  

“Kelly-Moore Paints shifted the paradigm on the usual ‘color of the year’ selection process – which looks at trends, evaluates viability of colors in the market, and what forecast organizations have shared as ‘emerging.’  And then their internal teams make a prediction,” noted Dr. Harrington.

“Kelly-Moore’s methodology targeted a sample set of professional interior designers, a closed circuit of experts, about interiors only.  The results were eye opening and dispelled the myth that east and west don’t see eye to eye, especially on color,” commented Dr. Harrington.  “ And the biggest finding:  for interiors it’s not just about ONE color.  Across the country, voting was neck and neck across three color candidates.”

While the Kelly-Moore COTY survey proposed eight colors as potential 2015 COTY candidates, the designers were also advised to “write in” a color they felt should be COTY and not on the survey slate.    The line up of eight colors were selected to ensure both cool and warm color offerings were in the mix, and colors that were selected as COTY over the last three years (2011-2013) by other manufacturers or organizations over the last three years were not part of that group.  

The robust response – close to 1,400 designers participated – narrowed the Kelly-Moore COTY to a three-way tie:  Coastal Surf KM4967, Swagger KM5049, and City Tower KM5823.  Coastal Surf, a saturated blue reflective of Yves Klein Blue, inched out the other two by a slim margin – bringing to light a trio of colors incredibly compatible and easily adapted to interior use together or separately.  The depth of both Coastal Surf and Swagger was surprising – and all three confirmed the predicted cooling of the interior palette from warm to cool.  Certainly a trend spotted from this survey was darker, more dramatic wall color.  One designer shared,  “All of my clients have been asking for royal blue, cobalt blue, and navy.”  

“To share the COTY 2015 and the runner-ups with our customers – from interior designers to professional painting contractors – Kelly-Moore stores will have large inventories of color chips in all three of colors,” commented Mr. Claybaugh.   “And our stores will offer the expertise on how best to feature this trio in homes – from a hero, accent wall, to creating horizontal stripes, from using City Tower on trim and ceilings to using both Swagger and Coastal Surf in one room – three walls painted Swagger, and the fourth wearing Coastal Surf for dramatic effect.”

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