Kelly-Moore Paints Crafts New Labels For Premium Paint Offerings

SAN CARLOS, CA, September 15 – San Francisco-based paint manufacturer and retailer Kelly-Moore Paint Company is introducing newly designed labels for its premium product offerings – DuraPoxy and AcryPlex.  

For its high performing, top tier DuraPoxy brand, a sleek sophisticated, stylish upgrade was brought off the drawing board onto the cans – a new label that reaches out and makes a strong premium statement for the enhanced DuraPoxy products.  This label introduction coincides with the introduction of DuraPoxy Matte, a fifth sheen level for the product, driven by demand from interior designers.
Across all five finishes each label is designed with a solid black ground and the sheen level visually identified by a flowing paint ribbon across the bottom of the label   – lime green for eggshell enamel, regal purple for satin enamel, brilliant orange for semi-gloss enamel, deep pink for gloss enamel and the high contrast of vibrant citron for the new matte finish.  

“Our label re-design now creates a visual compatibility with the high performing paint in the can,” shared Dan Claybaugh, vice president of marketing for Kelly-Moore Paints.  “And the addition of a matte finish speaks to the strong demand from designers for this chicest of paint finishes.

“The new designs, with the graphic hierarchy of sub-brand, sheen level and ‘interior’ running vertically along the side makes a clean, consolidated, highly legible identification – stating this is what’s in this can.  The intent was to deliver ease of selection to our customers, enabling them to identify the right product, in the right sheen.   This design direction does just that.”   

According to Mr. Claybaugh, the label-redesign definitely is another step in better servicing the Kelly-Moore “painters” -- whether professional contractors, homeowners-in-the- know , or the savvy specifier – all who demand the high level of performance and professional results delivered by Kelly-Moore’s premium interior and exterior paint offerings.   “Our new look now matches the quality in the can and makes the product easy to pick out,” commented Mr. Claybaugh.

Using the same label topography and layout of the DuraPoxy labels, Kelly-Moore’s new AcryPlex label is a solid ground of regal purple, with the same clean lines and structure as its high performing counterpart.   “The new AcryPlex label visually delivers on the performance promise of our work horse interior product line,” noted Mr. Claybaugh.   “The same hierarchy of sub-brand over the sheen, and “interior” running vertically, creates a neat, contained label façade.  The AcryPlex labels also employ the same visual movement of a flowing paint ribbon of color which identifies the sheen in the can—and mirrors the color coding of the DuraPoxy finishes – semi -gloss enamel with vibrant orange, satin enamel with purple, eggshell carries the lime green identifier, with flat highlighted with the high contrast citron.  

The new labels for both product lines, on quarts, gallons and fives will be rolled out over the next several months, showing up on store shelves across Kelly-Moore’s entire retail network of over 300 doors by end of the year.

About Kelly-Moore Paint Company, Inc.

Headquartered in San Carlos, California Kelly-Moore is one of the largest employee-owned paint companies in the United States, where each employee-owner is committed to offering the exceptional customer service for which the company is renowned. When you call or visit a Kelly-Moore store you are speaking with an owner. A leader and innovator of waterborne-coating technology, Kelly-Moore was the first major paint company to offer recycled-reclaimed paints, 0-VOC waterborne colorants, and the industry’s largest selection of stock colors. Kelly-Moore is one of the few paint companies committed to continue providing stock colors for their superior color consistency.  Introduced in 2013, its ColorStudio Collection offers over 1700 custom hues inspired by the diverse landscapes and architecture of the western U.S.  
Trusted and preferred by professionals since 1946 as the “Painter's Paint Store” for its high quality, performance and consistency, Kelly-Moore's paints are safe and easy to use for everyone. The company’s environmentally friendly paint factory in San Carlos is the recipient of four widely recognized and among the most stringent environmental awards. Kelly-Moore is dedicated to giving back to the communities it serves. This ethos is reflected in its corporate giving program and its numerous industry-leading green business accolades.