Kelly-Moore Paints Expands Product Offerings with Complimentary Brands

Emphasizes Customer Service As Priority #1
SAN CARLOS, CA, March 11, 2014 -- Kelly-Moore Paints, the leading premium paint manufacturer and retailer in the western United States, announced its agreement with four manufacturers to offer a targeted assortment of specialized coatings through its retail stores.  From DEVOE HIGH PERFORMANCE COATINGS preferred by commercial painting contractors, to MODERN MASTERS SPECIALITY FINISHES-METALLICS with ease of application for homeowners, Kelly-Moore Paints is expanding its retail offerings to meet the diverse needs of its customers. 
“Kelly-Moore Paints’ priority is providing our customers with the products and services they need for a successful painting project,” shared Dan Claybaugh vice president of marketing at Kelly-Moore.  “Through our 145 stores across 7 western states, we make it our business to know what our customers want.  These four new product categories – DEVOE HIGH PERFOFMANCE COATINGS, STORM SYSTEM EXTERIOR FINISHES, OLD MASTERS INTERIOR STAINS & FINISHES and MODERN MASTERS SPECIALITY FINISHES-METALLICS – have a proven track record of great performance.”
According to Mr. Claybaugh, each of these four distinctive products are unique, designed to appeal to professional painting contractors, the D.I.Y. homeowners and specifiers across a variety of application needs.
DEVOE HIGH PERFORMANCE COATINGS – High performance heavy duty and light duty industrial coatings offering distinct product categories to assist in choosing the right coating for the job.  Depending on the level of corrosion protection desired, there is a full array of Devoe coatings to protect against corrosion: Light Duty in both acrylic and alkyd formulations; Heavy Duty in both epoxy and polyurethane; and a Hi Temp offering for industrial tanks, pipes and linings. Available in gallons and fives.
•  STORM SYSTEM EXTERIOR FINISHES –  Referred to as the industry’s “most innovative, intuitive exterior wood care system”, this product line offers five categories:
          o   CATEGORY 1 – CLEAR:  Offering finishes that are the most transparent and allow the natural look of the wood to show through. Even with transparency, they still provide a base level of CLEAR UV protection.
          o   CATEGORY 2 – LIGHT:  This selection of toners and semi-transparent finishes provide a hint of color while still allowing the texture and wood grain to show through. With more pigment added comes light UV protection.
          o   CATEGORY 3 – MODERATE:  This semi-solid finish category provides a more opaque color while allowing the natural character of the wood to show through. A moderate level of UV protection comes from additional pigmentation.
          o   CATEGORY 4 – HEAVY:  Solid color finishes provide a completely opaque, paint-like appearance. With complete opacity comes the maximum level of heavy UV protection.
          o   CATEGORY 5 – EXTREME:  The Storm System primers are engineered to help achieve the long-lasting adhesion of any finish, and are critical when dealing with the most challenging surfaces and extreme conditions.

Available in gallons and fives.

•   OLD MASTERS INTERIOR STAINS & FINISHES – To meet the majority of paint professionals staining needs, Kelly-Moore Paints selected two stain lines and a small assortment of compatible clear finishes:
          o   Wiping Stain – a robust, oil-based masking stain for use on wood, fiberglass, metal and composition surfaces.  Can be used in wood graining or as an antiquing glaze over painted surfaces.  Its thick, rich formula allows easy application and superior color control, necessary to achieve rich, uniform color on most surfaces in a single application.  Can be used on exterior surfaces when top coated with protective clear finish.
          o   Gel Stain – a highly pigmented, oil-based stain designed to achieve intense colors on interior and exterior wood, fiberglass, metal and composition surfaces.  Ideal for difficult to stain surfaces such as vertical applications, nonporous substrates and woods such as pine, poplar, maple, plywood and veneers. Can be used on exterior surfaces when top coated with protective clear finish.
          o   Poly Urethanes and Spar Urethane
Available in pints, quarts and gallons.

MODERN MASTERS SPECIALTY FINISHES (metallics) – This is a unique Kelly-Moore Paints’ program with Modern Masters, offering Modern Masters’ most popular products for DIY, decorative and commercial painters.   The select offerings are:
          o   High-quality water-based Metallic Paint Collection® (standard and matte finishes) to create shimmering dramatic decorative designs and
          o   Metal Effects® to transform any paintable surface into the distinctive and timeless look of patinaed Bronze and Copper or the weathered appearance of Rusted Iron in minutes.
Available in 6 oz, quarts and gallons.

With Kelly-Moore’s distinguished reputation in the color realm, each of these products will be offered in a combination of ready-mixed colors and custom tinted.  

DEVOE HIGH PERFORMANCE COATINGS – Ready-mixed colors are available for industry standard colors as well as custom tinting.   Two color cards are available to assist in color selection: Colors for Commerce showcasing 132 colors and Colors for Industryhighlighting 53 hues. Tinting capabilities and stock are available at 34 Kelly-Moore Paints Industrial and Commercial Centers where industrial colorants are available.
•      STORM SYSTEM EXTERIOR FINISHES -116 colors will be mixed using Kelly-Moore’s ground-breaking 0-VOC colorants. Available in spring 2014 across all Kelly-Moore retail stores.
•      OLD MASTERS INTERIOR STAINS & FINISHES – 21 standard colors are offered and can be intermixed or tinted to achieve custom colors; water and oil bases available to tint a wide range of custom colors with Kelly-Moore’s 0-VOC colorants.  Available across all Kelly-Moore retail stores.
•      MODERN MASTERS SPECIALTY FINISHES (metallic) - Metallic Paint Collection®available in 50 standard pre-mixed interior/exterior metallic paint colors; Matte Metallic offers 15 of the most popular metallic paint colors.  Currently in 50 Kelly-Moore stores throughout the west.

“Kelly-Moore is excited to be providing these complimentary products to strengthen our current branded offerings and meet the needs of our customers,” shared Mr. Claybaugh.  “Each are best-in-class brands not found in mass merchants in Kelly-Moore Paints’ territories and are valued by painting professionals and homeowners alike.

“All products by these vendors are available to our customers regardless of where they shop. If the requested product is not in-stock at their chosen Kelly-Moore Paints store, our neighboring stores with stock will deliver same or next day,” said Mr. Claybaugh.  “If neither our nearby stores or our distribution centers have the requested product, we will arrange to have it shipped directly from the manufacturer for arrival within days.”
Customers will be greeted in Kelly-Moore Paints retail stores with a variety of P.O.P. materials for each of these new offerings, including posters, decals, traffic-stoppers and shelf talkers, headers, how-to instructions, finished samples and sell sheets. For additional information, further product details, or to view Kelly-Moore unique color collections, visit a Kelly-Moore store or

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