Introducing The ColorStudio Collection by Kelly-Moore Paints

SAN CARLOS, Calif., Apr. 30, 2013 – San Francisco Bay Area-based Kelly-Moore Paint Company, Inc., unveils The ColorStudio Collection, the industry’s newest innovative color system, featuring 1,721 brand new colors reflecting the latest trends in today’s homes. These colors are inspired by the light, architecture, neighborhoods, and spirit of the West. Additionally, each color is made with zero-VOC colorants, allowing Kelly-Moore’s products to maintain excellent interior air quality during application without sacrificing performance. The ColorStudio Collection is the newest color system available. 

“The ColorStudio Collection is designed to meet our customers’ color needs, now and into the future,” said Mary Lawlor, Kelly-Moore’s manager of color marketing. “The ColorStudio Collection is a color system for our marketplace. When creating the colors, we put extra emphasis on simplicity and functionality – these colors are ones you can actually use and select with confidence.”

For those feeling creative, Kelly-Moore’s 1,721 new colors present endless color combinations. The ColorStudio Collection is a comprehensive color system offering five palettes: 

California Lifestyles Palette: This new palette of 140 harmonious colors represents classic California neighborhoods and the West. These interior and exterior colors inspired by California’s nature can encourage and motivate any painter (DIYer or painting contractor) to confidently select colors without guesswork. This is a natural living palette with a refined and rich sense of place.

  • Color Highlights: KM5697-2 Shrimp Boudin, KM5724-1 The Golden State, KM5725-2 San Carlos Plaza, KM5819-1 Rotunda White and KM5825-3 Not My Fault
  • First Impressions Off-White Palette: This palette, with 70 soft and subtle sheer whites, blends beautifully with other colors in the system. Inspired by the Western light, these colors are perfect for painters wanting to play it safe.
  • Color Highlights: KMW1-1 Ambient Glow, KMW20-1 Morning Moon, KMW53-1 Dazzle Me, KMW62-1, Tahoe Snow and KMW15-1 Bumble Baby
  • Accents Palette: This palette of 91 accent colors brings pop to any room. The edited palette will display 44 of the 91 colors at Kelly-Moore stores (others are available online or upon request). These deep, vibrant accent colors add excitement and infuse energy yet are safe and traditional and work well for both interiors and exteriors.
  • Color Highlights: KMA35-5 Willow Blue, KMA12-5 Dizzy Days, KMA1-5 Bento Box, KMA8-5 Wow 57 and KMA22-5 Mermaid's Kiss
  • Historic Lifestyles of the West Palette: The Historic Lifestyles of the West palette (and brochure) features 106 historically accurate and modern regional color adaptations that bring an authentic flavor to both modern and historical homes designed in six Western architectural styles spanning 110 years: Victorian, English Revival, Spanish Revival, Arts & Crafts, Jazz Age and Retro.
  • Color Highlights: HLS4202-1 Frank Lloyd White, HLS4204-2 Martini Olive, HLS4231-5 Drive-In Cherry, HLS4292-2 Mercer Charcoal and HLS4303-2 Bakelite
  • Inspired Living Cards: For those craving a new look, but bewildered about where to start, Lawlor has created seven Inspired Living mini-palettes. These idea cards are designer-vetted and feature suggested color combinations for the entire home, making it easy to select colors with confidence. These timeless color collections reflect the latest color and design trends while coordinating with existing colors in today’s homes.
  • Color Highlights: KM5428-3 Himalayan Salt, KM4566-3 City Loft, KM4839-3 Castaway Cove, KM4727-3 California Roll and KM4594-2 Bay Area

Color Naming
Creating names for the color system’s 1,721 new colors was no small feat. Lawlor enlisted the help of Kelly-Moore’s employee-owners, who submitted 30 percent of the names included in The ColorStudio Collection. She worked with her design team to title the rest. Each color – “Deagsy,” “Downtown Benny Brown” and “Cricket’s Cross,” to name a few – has its own story, adding a touch of significance with each color combination. This is the first color system created under Lawlor’s leadership.

The ColorStudio Collection’s Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired Color Sample Display
To help ensure that its products are easy-to-use for everyone (professionals, interior designers, architects and DIY customers), Kelly-Moore has made a special effort to make the color selection process simple by creating a series of new tools to enhance the selection experience. For example, the new ColorStudio Collection color sample will outfit each Kelly-Moore store with a wall of color. With a design inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, this tastefully designed color display rivals any color merchandising in the U.S. The 12-foot-wide display, equipped with overhead lighting, is void of shadow lines, and each dry paint color sample is finished in a low sheen – making it easy to see while reflecting its true rich shade. In addition, each color has its own card, rather than the standard eight colors per card, for added convenience.

The task of selecting colors from The ColorStudio Collection’s 1,721 options can be even simpler using Kelly-Moore’s myColorStudio online state-of-the-art collaborative selection tool. Professionals and DIY customers can navigate through this tool to find the right colors for fresh and traditional combinations.  This selection tool can provide endless possibilities for home and other projects and is accessible on mobile devices. Go to

Next Generation Colorants
All of Kelly-Moore’s paint products are available in zero-VOC colorants that offers higher strength, improved hiding, more fade resistance and expanded color options, all without the additional solvents.

Additional information on The ColorStudio Collection may be found online at or at  your local neighborhood Kelly-Moore paint store. For questions related to ordering color samples, paint selection or application, VOCs, or any other paint-related query, Kelly-Moore’s painters (pros or DIY consumers) can, visit, the company’s Facebook or Twitter page, or any of Kelly-Moore’s nearest stores, where each Kelly-Moore employee-owner is committed to offering exceptional customer service.

About Kelly-Moore Paint Company, Inc.
Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and serving the communities of the West, Kelly-Moore Paints is one of the largest employee-owned paint companies in the United States. Kelly-Moore is currently in the process of moving its entire portfolio to zero-VOC and is among the leaders in the industry in zero-VOC products. In 2013, Kelly-Moore introduced The ColorStudio Collection, inspired by the unique architecture, light, hues, neighborhoods and lifestyles of the West. Kelly-Moore Paints serves the communities of the West and is one of the largest employee-owned paint companies in the United States. Trusted and preferred by professionals as the “Painter’s Paint Store” for its high quality, performance and consistency, Kelly-Moore offers paints that are safe and easy to use for everyone.