Envy Brochure - Front
Envy exterior paint and enamels provide best-in-class premium performance in a 100% acrylic long-lasting formulation.   Advanced application characteristics and hide make Envy an ideal choice for residential and commercial applications.  Excellent for use on vertical wood, fiber cement board, stucco, concrete, masonry, and other properly prepared surfaces.  Available in Flat, Low Sheen, and Semi-Gloss finishes and a wide variety of custom colors.

“Envy is Kelly-Moore’s highest quality in exterior coating.  It was developed to meet the highest demands of property owners and the applicators alike.  Excellent hide, adhesion, weathering, and durability make Envy an ideal choice for a wide range of exterior projects.  User friendly application characteristics allow for projects be completed more quickly while providing a truly premium finish appearance.  Envy is truly in a class of its own!”