Calvin’s journey started in the summer of 1988. “Wow…33 years later!” – Calvin exclaimed. His career with Kelly-Moore has been what some might consider “quite the ride”. When he first started, it was at the Mountain View El Camino location as a Temporary Warehouse Employee then quickly moving to Store Clerk. He then took his talents and firmly planted himself into the corporate world as a Regulatory Coordinator, and then Environmental Manager. Because of his success at these positions, Calvin touched several other roles like Assistant VP of Manufacturing and Plant Manager in Hurst, TX. Since then, he has become Director of Planning for Corporate Supply Chain & Manufacturing.

“As long as I had the passion to learn, there was always a KM team member willing to assist, teach and mentor.  In my years within the company, I never heard ‘stay in your sandbox’ or ‘that’s not your area’. Having the ability to see all parts of the company, allowed me to put all the necessary puzzle pieces together.”

Favorite KM Color:

“Tree Moss.  It’s soothing and reminds me of the beach and forest.”

KM4725 Tree Moss

KM4725 Tree Moss

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Kelly, Manager of Learning and Development


Johnny, Senior Learning & Development Specialist


John, Outside Sales Representative


Calvin, Director of Planning for Corporate Supply Chain & Manufacturing

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Ernesto, Outside Sales Representative


Crystal, HR Manager


Rita, District Operations Manager


Vinit, District Operations Manager