Invoice Gateway - Online Billing Portal

Kelly-Moore Paints is proud to announce our online portal for you to view, print, download and pay your bills online.

Access Your Kelly-Moore Account Here

View and Print Instructions

Account dashboard

Our Invoice Gateway provides you with the access you need to manage and pay your invoices:

1. Find unpaid invoices on the Open tab.
2. Paid invoices will automatically move to the Closed  tab, you can change this behavior under the Settings menu on the Payment Settings tab.
3. The Total Balance displays your current account total.
4. The Download button will allow you to download a PDF or file you can import into your accounting software.
5. Click on the PDF icon to open a copy of your invoice.
6. Click the speech bubble icon to enter a note.  The date and username of the person entering the note will display next to the note.
7. Check the Open Balance column to review if any partial payments were made on the invoice.

Use Kelly-Moore’s Invoice Gateway. 

View and Print Instructions.

Questions?  Please email us at or call toll free (888) 610-5427.