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DuraPoxy Premium Interior Enamels

DuraPoxy enamels are beautifully resilient.  Rich, vibrant color that lasts. 

Formulated to produce an extremely hard, durable epoxy-like finish to resist stains and hold up to repeated washing.  Easily wipe away everyday stains such as coffee, finger prints and marking pens.

Perfect for residential, commercial, health care, and light industrial applications.  The 100% acrylic formulation provides low VOC, easy water cleanup, and contains an anti-microbial agent to control odors.

DuraPoxy comes in the following sheens:
DuraPoxy Gloss 1680 Sheen Designation - Pink  DuraPoxy Semi-Gloss 1685 Sheen Designation - Orange  DuraPoxy Eggshell 1686 Sheen Designation - Green  DuraPoxy Satin 1687 Sheen Designation - Purple

DuraPoxy is available in any of our 1,700+ colors from the ColorStudio Collection.

1680 DuraPoxy
Super Premium Gloss Enamel Learn More
Photo of 1680 DuraPoxy
1685 DuraPoxy
Super Premium Semi-Gloss Enamel Learn More
Photo of 1685 DuraPoxy
1686 DuraPoxy
Super Premium Eggshell Enamel Learn More
Photo of 1686 DuraPoxy
1687 DuraPoxy
Super Premium Satin Enamel Learn More
Photo of 1687 DuraPoxy