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Acry-Shield Premium Exterior Wood Stains

Kelly-Moore’s Acry-Shield line of premium semi-transparent and semi-solid wood stains are great for use on exterior wood siding, railings, paneling and trim, or whenever you want the wood grain to show through.

1285 Acry-Shield Oil/Latex Exterior Semi-Solid Stains are formulated with alkyd modified acrylic technology for excellent weathering and long-term UV fade resistance. Available in four popular wood stain colors, Acry-Shield 1285 may be custom tinted to most exterior designer colors.  As a true semi-solid stain, 1285 Acry-Shield allows some wood grain to show through, while providing excellent protection. Cleans up easily with soap and water.

1288 Acry-Shield Waterborne Interior/Exterior Semi-Transparent Stains are formulated with advanced trans-oxide pigments (think sun block) for excellent UV color fade resistance and water-repellency.  Available only in five popular ready-mixed semi-transparent stain colors, along with a clear finish, cannot be custom tinted. 1288 Acry-Shield produces a near flat, beautiful protective finish and cleans-up easily with soap and water.

1285 Acry-Shield
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