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Painting Your Bathroom

The Kelly-Moore colors closely represented in this image are KM5019 Rain Dance & KMW57 Cloud White.

Choosing the perfect paint colors for your bathroom is not as difficult as you might think. The people from Kelly-Moore make it easier now than ever before. With the freedom to create and customize your own colors, your color choices are unlimited. Although some may feel that this fact makes color selection more challenging, the truth is quite the opposite. Let Kelly-Moore Paints help you create a beautiful and welcoming bathroom with some tips on what you need to do before you start painting your bathroom.

Whether you wish to touch up your existing paint job or overhaul your bathroom from top to bottom with a fresh new look, your options are limitless. Best of all, since a bathroom is smaller than other rooms in your house, you do not need as much paint to cover the entire room.

Select a finish

Due to moisture accumulation and the constant need for cleaning, most bathrooms use semi-gloss paint for the walls; these paints can withstand frequent cleans and resist mildew and stains without losing any of their original luster. In addition, semi-gloss paint is also recommended for bathroom cabinets if you choose to paint them.

Paint the room

After you remove anything from the bathroom that you do not want to paint, cover the floor with one or more drop cloths depending on the size of the floor. Tape them onto the edge of the baseboards with painter’s tape at least two inches in width. Remove old paint with a scraper and clear away the debris with a dry paint brush. Prime the walls with a primer and paint the trim before you start to paint the walls.

For decades, professionals have trusted Kelly-Moore Paints for a long-lasting coat of paint on every room in the house. Now that you know what to do when you paint your bathroom, you can let Kelly-Moore help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

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